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Ο χρήστης tsiakanikas έγραψε το Tweet: το 2015 σε 209 δευτερλεπτα!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 17 Δεκ 2015

It was a year that will be remember for the tragic terrorist attacks, when ISIL spread its doctrine of hate into the heart of Europe. But also for the moments when the world overcame division – the nuclear accord with Iran, the COP21 climate change, the entente between the US and Cuba.

The migrants crisis has changed European politics, raising fundamental questions about the responsibilities, shared values and openness of EU members.

You can see a recap of the events that defined 2015 in the video.

Διονύσιος Βούτος
35 χρόνια στην δημοσιογραφία. Δημοσιογράφος ΕΡΤ
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